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Device Field

The device field is an area where the SWCC Group utilizes the various material technologies that have been developed, to support a comfortable lifestyle, with new ideas and fresh angles. The products are all secure, safe and support a comfortable lifestyle, ranging from industrial vibration control devices, sound-control technology, seismic isolators that protects people and buildings from earthquakes, heat rollers for photocopiers that combine a precision processing technology with material technology. The main characteristics are that solutions can comprehensively solve the problems that originate from earthquakes, noise pollution and vibration.

Heat roller

Fixed toner image part of laser printer and copier applying heat and pressure

Vibration control products

Wide range of vibration isolating rubber, noise control technology and sound insulation and absorption product making comfortable environment.

Electronic wires & wire harnesses

Wide ranges of electric wires and wire harness goods used for office equipment, computer and home appliance.

Seismic isolators

Used for tall building and housing, absorbing influence of earthquake to avoid personal incidence and maintaining construction of building.

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