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All for the Trust

Management philosophy “The SWCC Group strives to be trusted”

  • The SWCC Group will strive to earn the “trust” of our customers through high technology and high quality products and services.
  • The SWCC Group will, through healthy business activities, create corporate values that will earn the “trust” of the employees, customers, shareholders and the local community.
  • The SWCC Group will, by complying with all applicable rules and regulations and through the prioritization of safety and the regional environment, conduct “trustworthy” activities.

Mission Statement “Creating for the Future”

  • We will create products and services that will earn the trust of our customers.
  • We will create earth environmentally friendly products.
  • We will create corporate values that will earn trust through healthy business activities.

Corporate Governance Structure

The SWCC Group operates under a holding company structure, and with SWCC SHOWA HOLDINGS CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “ SWCC HOLDINGS” ) as a holding company, the group consists of a network of group companies. SWCC HOLDINGS monitors the group companies’ activities, carries out the planning of the management strategies, and is involved in the suitable distribution of operating resources to each company. SWCC HOLDINGS steers the market survey, technology assessment, and planning / research / development /investment related strategies. As a holding company and a company with auditors, we have board of directors’ meetings and auditors’ meetings that are held periodically, however issues on group management are discussed at the management council held separately. Furthermore, in order to promote CSR ( corporate social responsibility ), the group has established a CSR Committee to strengthen risk management of the group companies, to implement necessary measures for problem solving, guideline recommendations for the management council, and to monitor the group companies.

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Corporate activities concerning the country and the local region

The SWCC Group will comply with all applicable domestic and foreign rules and regulations. The group will create products, technologies and services that are quality conscious and safety conscious, and ensure all corporate activities are conducted based on fair, transparent and free competition. As a member of the local community, the group will maintain a healthy relationship with local governments, and also collaborate with the local community to energetically promote activities. Through these activities, the group will strive to meet the expectations of staff, customers, shareholders and members of the local community.

Factory Tour of Local High School Students

Assistance with Baseball Games

Corporate activity concerning the environment

As part of our efforts to preserve the environment, ISO 14001 certification has been obtained at the main manufacturing plants and offices in Japan and overseas, including China. The group also aims to achieve zero emissions of waste for final disposal through thorough segregation of waste and reuse and recycling where possible. The group will prioritize environmental preservation as one of its key objectives in the corporate philosophy and will strive to promote the development of products that improve the environment for future generations in all areas of operation.

Emergency Response Training


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